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Getting a Tattoo

Andromeda Tattoo and Arts

Location: 433 Geyser Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Andromeda Tattoo and Arts

Phone: (518) 309-3481 

Two Pricks Tattoo

Location: 258 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Two Pricks Tattoo

Phone: (518) 428-2807 

Manic Art Tattoos

Location: 20 Washington St, Ballston Spa

Website: Manic Art Tattoos


Upstate Ink

Location: 20 Front St, Ballston Spa

Website: Upstate Ink

Phone: (518) 309-3481 

Ransom Tattoo Gallery

Location: 104 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Ransom Tattoo Gallery

Phone: (518) 309-4444 

Pottery Workshop


Spiral Art Studio

Location: Galway

Website: Spiral Arts Studio 


Sacred Journey Ceramics

Location: 20 Washington St, Ballston Spa

Website: Sacred Journey Ceramics

Phone: (518) 882-1964 



Carol Lawrence School of Dance

Location: 425 Eastline Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Carol Lawrence School of Dance 

Phone: (518) 885-3180


Studio Chrome

Location: 100 Saratoga Village Blvd,

Suite 51, Ballston Spa

Website: Studio Chrome 

Dance Evolution

Location: 3101 Ellsworth Blvd, Ballston Spa

Website: Dance Evolution 

Phone: (518) 899-7800

JDC Dance Center

Location: 326 Rowland St, Ballston Spa

Website: JDC Dance Center

Phone: (518) 886-8939

Egg Decoration


A Bead Just So

Location: 114 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: A Bead Just So 

Phone: (518) 309-4070

Debs Tangled Stitches

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Debs Tangled Stitches

Moni Mononoke

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Moni Mononoke 



National Bottle Museum

Location: 76 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: National Bottle Museum 

Phone: (518) 885-7589

Old Wisdom Wellness

Location: 1008 Hatlee Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Old Wisdom Wellness 

Phone: (518) 275-2483

Boho Chic Boutique

Location: 90 Front St, Ballston Spa

Website: Boho Chic Boutique 

Phone: (518) 885-1546

Shaping Glass


Glint Glassworks Studio

Location: 10 Washington St, Ballston Spa

Website: Glint Glassworks Studio 

Phone: (518) 817-5524


Graphic Designers

Balch Signs

Location: 1045 Raymond Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Balch Signs

Phone: (518) 885-9899

E&A Custom T-Shirts

Location: 2124 Doubleday Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: E&A Custom T-Shirts 

Phone: (518) 490-2273

Dakis Design Studio

Location: 219 W Milton Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Dakis Design Studio

Phone: (518) 424-0298

Media Pillars

Location: 2 Cramer Woods Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Media Pillars

Phone: (518) 588-4012

DE Designs

Location: 405 Geyser Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: DE Designs

Phone: (518) 378-1755

Name Bubbles

Location: 33 Science St, Ballston Spa

Website: Name Bubbles

Phone: (866) 797-6263

North Country Printing & Graphics

Location: 198 Church Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: North Country Printing & Graphics

Phone: (518) 885-3880

Thomas Media Group

Location: 8 Snowberry Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Thomas Media Group 

Phone: (518) 852-0831

Northwind Graphics

Location: 2453 US-9, Ballston Spa

Website: Northwind Graphics

Phone: (518) 899-9651

NXT Wave Media

Location: 3530 Galway Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: NXT Wave Media

Modern Interior Design


Front Street Home 

Location: 6 Front St, Ballston Spa

Website: Front Street Home

Phone: (518) 885-6555

Victoria's Corner

Location: 223 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Victoria's Corner

Phone: (518) 338-5550

Finishing Touches

Location: 450 East High St, Malta

Website: Finishing Touches

Phone: (518) 584-1490 

Rovetto Design Service

Location: 62 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Rovetto Design Service 

Phone: (518) 884-8450


Making a Necklace

Corina Contemporary Jewelry

Location: 10 Washington St, Ballston Spa

Website: Corina Contemporary Jewelry

Phone: (518) 885-0930

The Treasury

Location: 48 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: The Treasury

Phone: (518) 469-3045

Jenne Leatherwork

Location: 233 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Jenne Leatherwork

Phone: (518) 885-1055



Excellent Adventures Comics

Location: 110 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Excellent Adventures Comics

Phone: (518) 884-9498


Sheet Music

Will Hayes

Location: 251 new Karner Road, Albany

Website: Will Hayes 

Phone: (518) 242-0561

Jamcrackers Music

Location: 99 Grove St, Ballston Spa

Website: Jamcrackers Music 

Phone: (518) 490-1809

Mel Howe

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Mel Howe Now

Ballston Spa Community Band

Location: 5180 Nelson Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Ballston Spa Community Band

Claire's Musique Notes

Location: 418 Geyser Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Claire's Musique Notes

Phone: (518) 583-1400


Location: 200 Whitetail Ct, Ballston Spa

Website: VistaPan 

Phone: (800) 246-9886

Bridget Brodwin

Location: Ballston Spa


Carl Hackert

Location: Ballston Spa


Ken DeRagon (Trombone/Bass Trombone)

Location: Ballston Spa


Catherine Hackert

Location: Ballston Spa



Tracey DeRagon
(All Saxophones)

Location: Ballston Spa


Daniel Grider
(All Saxophones and Clarinet)

Location: Ballston Spa


Matthew Izykowski

Location: Ballston Spa


Dave Maswick

Location: Ballston Spa




David Keenan

Location: Saratoga Springs

Website: David Keenan


Location: 22 Washington St, Ballston Spa

Website: Art-By-Llona 

Phone: (518) 879-0113

Henry Fernau Art

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Henry Fernau Art


Location: 114 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Paint-N-Gogh

Phone: (518) 879-6869

The Magical Buffet

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: The Magical Buffet

The Painting Bug

Location: 1049 Raymond Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: The Painting Bug

Phone: (518) 852-9160

Your Toy Portrait

Location: 27 Maple Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Your Toy Portrait 

Intuitive Arts by Lisa

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Intuitive Arts by Lisa 


Photography Light

Blue Iris Photography

Location: 872 Middleline Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: Blue Iris Photography

Phone: (518) 320-4862

Enchanted Reflections Photography

Location: 130 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Enchanted Reflections Photography

Phone: (518) 232-2885

Chelsea Ahl Photography


Website: Chelsea Ahl Photography

Phone: (518) 858-0576

CLP Design Studio

Location: 27 Kent St, Ballston Spa

Website: CLP Design Studio

Phone: (518) 885-1358

Cornick Photography

Location: 752 Arnold St, Ballston Spa

Website: Cornick Photography

Phone: (518) 222-4153

Haley Carroll Photography

Location: Malta

Website: Haley Carroll Photography

Phone: (518) 886-2920

JB Photography

Location: 193 Middleline Rd, Ballston Spa

Website: JB Photography

Phone: (518) 419-8527

Orion Media

Location: Malta

Website: Orion Media

Phone: (518) 222-9845

Jennifer Pondillo Photography

Location: 27 Kent St, Ballston Spa

Website: Jennifer Pondillo Photography

Phone: (518) 817-7693

Pure Bliss Photography

Location: 104 Drummond Rdg, Ballston Spa

Website: Pure Bliss Photography

Phone: (607) 644-3201

Jessica Tomaselli Photography

Location: 9 Tomaselli Ct, Ballston Spa

Website: Jessica Tomaselli Photography

Phone: (518) 779-2221

Village Photo

Location: 199 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Village Photo

Phone: (518) 885-0396

Empty Theater


Launching Pad

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Launching Pad

BARC Youth Theater

Location: 61 Eastern Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: BARC Youth Theater

Phone: (518) 885-1634


Female Clothes Model

Nourish Designs

Location: 87 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa

Website: Nourish Designs

Phone: (518) 885-1358

Buffing Wood


Adirondack Jim's

Location: Ballston Spa

Website: Adirondack Jim's

Phone: (518) 207-6205

Spartan Woodworking

Location: 12 Rolling Brook Dr, Ballston Spa

Website: Spartan Woodworking

Phone: (518) 469-4852

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