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Plein Air Workshops

Plein Air painting is the practice of painting landscape out-of-doors, inspired by the fresh air and natural surroundings. The greatest part of this type of painting in a group setting is you can all be at the same location, but each one will have a different end picture. It's all about perspective and what the individual mind sees and feels. 

Join Us!

Come to this, our 2nd workshop (the first one sold out), to enjoy an evening outside at the Old Iron Spring Park in Ballston Spa, listen to the gurgling brook and birds amidst the beautiful gardens in the park.

All supplies and guidance are provided by local artist Gail Tallmadge.

Fees: $20 for residents in the 12020; $30 for all others (cash/check accepted at the class). Reserve your spot by contacting

Rain Date: September 2nd @ 6PM 

Meet the Artist

Learn About Plein Air Art

"Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities, coupled with the creation of transportable paint tubes and the box easel—the precursor to the plein air easels of today—allowed artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air.”

Artist's Network

Plein Air.webp
Plein Air.webp

"The alla prima technique is popular among plein air artists. When painting outside, you can’t be too precious about your subject nor the light as they change by the minute. This means plein air painting suits the spontaneity and time limits associated with alla prima painting."

Artists and Illustrators

David Shevlino, Narraticon, oil on panel

Past Plein Air Class

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