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Saratoga Arts 2023 Grant Season

We are thrilled to announce a special project that aims to celebrate the creativity and diversity of our local artists. We are inviting artists like yourself to submit their artwork for Saratoga Arts upcoming community art grant with the Village as a fiscal sponsor. 
The goal of this exhibition is to showcase the incredible talent within our community and create a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives and artistic expressions. Whether you work in painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, or any other medium, we encourage you to submit your work for consideration.

We believe that your participation will not only enhance the vibrancy of our community but also contribute to the success of this exhibition. Your unique perspective and artistic talent are highly valued, and we look forward to seeing your submission.

Saratoga Arts

If you are interested in getting more details on Saratoga Arts and what they provide with these grants, please visit their website at: Saratoga Arts - Grants (

Step By Step Process

Below is the step-by-step process on working with us to get your grant submitted to the Village of Ballston Spa for approval and Saratoga Arts before the deadline. If you prefer a PDF copy that you can save or print you may access that here: Application Review Process

September 18th, 2023 through October 27th, 2023

1) Artist submits Ballston Spa Committee on the Arts (COA) Application to
              - Artists are encouraged to submit their completed applications as early                               as possible to benefit from Committee input.
2) COA Applications will be reviewed by Ballston Spa Committee on the Arts on 10/4/23, 10/18/23 and 11/1/23. When necessary and appropriate, and with time permitting, COA members will interact with Artists to revise applications.
4) COA results will be returned to Artists as quickly as possible.

October 13th, 2023

Deadline for Letter of Intent to Saratoga Arts

October 27th, 2023

Final deadline to submit COA Applications (including the completed SA application) to Ballston Spa Committee on the Arts.

November 1st, 2023

Final Review of applications by Ballston Spa Committee on the Arts.

November 13th, 2023

COA-approved applications presented to Village of Ballston Spa Board of Trustees

November 14th, 2023 through November 27th, 2023

Ballston Spa Committee on the Arts members will interact with Artists to address any
concerns raised by the Trustees

November 28th, 2023

Approved Artists proceed to submit applications directly to Saratoga Arts

Let's Work Together

Thank you for considering this opportunity to showcase your art and contribute to the cultural enrichment of our community. We can't wait to see the incredible artwork that you and other local artists will share with us.

If you would like a printout or pdf version of all of the steps and deadlines for the grants you may access that here: Application Review Process

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